Yamaha XTZ750 Super Tenere – Project

*by Marco Antonio Saldarriaga-Mastech

  There are many bike projects which start and end with great results .Sometimes are nice,sometimes are so so and sometimes are AMAZING . Marco ,Mastech founder, started his project with a Yamaha Super Tenere 750 .He found the bike and started working on it . Here i have to say that Marco is the meaning of perfectionist ,he is a very skilled man with high level knowledge of bikes and projects ! So lets see the project step by step :

Chapter 1:

PROJECT T7.5 ,Author Marco Antonio Saldarriaga


This is a new project where not only a motorcycle will be restored as everyone does but it will be a radical change while retaining YAMAHA’s DNA. The most significant changes will be suspensions, brembo brakes, exhaust, lighting system, digital dashboard, rally fairing, optimization of racing carburetors, new electrical system among others. This motorcycle has a great history in the Dakar that many do not know and I will tell you later.
I baptized project T 7.5 since YAMAHA uses it in its current bikes, this motorcycle has a great past that I want to highlight in the present, it follows the evolution of this transformation.
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The original bike …

Chapter 2:


I started with the disassembly of the T7. 5 after the engine I tried it and turned on the first attempt, it sounded good, as you can see disarming is easy and fast!
Thanks to all who have joined to support the project

Project T 7.5.

During the disassembly I found some details that should be checked more thoroughly, rear brake eléctrico electrical wiring no but it does not matter that is the challenge of the restoration, do not know one sometimes you will meet, they are already 28 years rolling and something owes you to hurt!!! Disarming is still easy and rapid

Project T 7.5.

Once the motorcycle has been disassembled, the chassis and other motorcycle parts are checked, it goes to sandblasting or sandblasting all the parts, then with electro static paint or black powder coating we will start to give life to this Yamaha.

Chapter 3

Collecting parts back together ..
While we receive several things from the painting process, we begin to manufacture parts that are very difficult to obtain but easy to MANUFACTURE !!! in this case they are the spacers of the rear wheel that with the use presented enough wear and that the retainers would not fulfill their function …


The paint parts have arrived, this week I will be showing a significant progress on how the project is going and the jewels it will wear.
Many parts have been obtained in @incolmotosyamaha the others in the rest of the world. For now I leave you how the engine was with all its details to be worthy of the Yamaha T 7.5. Gray paint, new gear lever, black galvanized hardware, new carburetor coupling rubbers and many other details left it ready.

Engine Before:

And After:


These will be the new accessories and restored parts that you will have the honor of using this marvel of Yamaha T7. 5,
I will be giving step by step details of the installation of each
The images say it all😎


Started to join parts, chassis and engine. I started from the most basic changes in this case the footrest or estiberas using a KTM enduro which had them and just touch up slightly with milling machine and installed like the original.


Continuing the restoration project are some parts that have already suffered over the years, in this case a pipe cooling system which was attacked by rust, housing the thermostat and radiator, for these two latter was easy to get in @incolmotosyamaha the thermostat and thermostat housing and radiator supplier in China that manufactures for this bike, the tube could not be found and touched manufacture in @mastechmoto, pipe bending, machining parts and TIG welding were some processes to achieve this.
In addition to this new silicone hoses leaving the cooling system as new to this bike


To the rear swingarm everything was done, electro static black paint, the basket of needles, bushings and dust covers were replaced, as for the rear brake caliper that was in regular conditions it had to be deepened a little more, the retainers got them in @incolmotosyamaha and the brake pistons although I found in England some make the decision to manufacture them in stainless steel, and I will test them and tell you how the test is, make some additional improvements in the brake such as installing the steely lines of @raceline_co made to the measure and change the conventional light suiche for a pressure suiche that provides greater reliability


To finish with the rear suspension we installed one of the crown jewels in the world of motorcycles, a specific Ohlins Shock absorber for this motorcycle, which thanks to @ 12clicks who is our dealer and preparer of this brand suggested us. In addition to that I decided to manufacture the cranks in @mastechmoto with laser cut to enhance the motorcycle 20 mm more, and later I will tell you the reason.


For the exhauster I got a full system stainless steel one of the most recognized brands in the market, the DAKAR REPLICA specific #arrowexhaust for this bike, this considerably reduces weight and gives it an appearance very Dakariana, decided to change the rear support by one in stainless steel made to measure that although it is not very visible already finished the motorcycle are the details that make it unique, hopefully when your engine starts to hear its hoarse melody 😅


This part of the motorcycle begins to give touches of color taking it out of the monotony of the grayscale contrasting in the whole motorcycle but maintaining the sobriety of the project. New radios that fortunately @incolmotosyamaha had in its warehouse, new @allballsracing balneras, new rubbers for the silent block obtained in England, new brake disc, new spacers manufactured according to the original, new, MotoZ tractionator GPS 150/70 / tire 17 a true 50/50 that gives robustness and appearance and of course original rin and apple restored with baked powder paint, finally not satisfied with its plastic chain protector a custom made chain protector in stainless steel and aluminum with the personalized touch of the name of the project giving the unique details to this beauty
(Recommendation for all bearings not only from this brand but from any brand and even on new motorcycles, check them, since they come with very little grease this because the applied grease is recommended for the bearings to roll with the specific friction in conditions normal but as we have
Some of us who abuse these conditions prefer to grease the friction coefficient even more but ensure a longer life of these components.)


Finally it was time to install the holy grail of the front Suspensions of @ohlinsracing one of the most striking jewels that this project has, which are imposed by its majestic color and gives the touch of robustness that this spectacular motorcycle deserves, thanks to @ 12clicks for helping us choose them and prepare them for the weight and handling of this motorcycle, for the triple clamp or fork use one for # xtz660 offered by the OTR brand (OFF THE ROAD DE) German brand specialized in accessories for the yamaha XTZ, almost 95% compatible with its predecessor where its bearings are the same as before and now I only had to place a 5 mm bushing in the seat of the lower bearing to separate it from the chassis and leave space to adapt the steering stops, very content with the result and remained calm for one of the most important adaptations of the project😅💪


The front wheel has its history, with it I ran a 450 RALLY ktm Replica in the 2014 Dakar, this motorcycle deserves it and owning accessories that have really been in a Dakar still makes it unique. With a 300 mm disc and a low carbon fiber fender from @perfectfairings, the project is getting a touch of elegance.


Continuing with the golden details, it was time to install the @ohlinsracing steering stabilizer ,, I had to design and manufacture the fixed post for this very easy installation motorcycle, this set will help to give better stability at high speeds in offroad driving, although not I have tried it even with its new suspensions gives it a good touch of security.



Each modification of the original brings other challenges, in this case was the details of the address: switch, steering stops and Choke, these could not be adrift and was another small design challenge and adaptation where the switch which owns lock pin should be in the proper position and had a support with good rigidity, this first phase started with a prototype that met the first part, good location, but when the stiffness test was done 😒 (did not pass), then redesign obtaining the desired stiffness 😁, the steering stops determine the steering angle and this was very easy to determine since the steering lock pin determines the maximum angle of rotation at the point it blocks, the chocke support also it was integrated in the same base of the suiche being everything made to measure with the signature of the project 👍

Chapter 4

Headlights-Dash Board-First engine tests

Project T 7.5

Another great improvement in the project, the 5.75 “” LED lights not only in lighting performance but also gives another touch of elegance and modernism while maintaining its essence.
The design of the pieces to support them made of laser-cut aluminum, coated with powder paint and the best components all manufactured by @mastechmoto make it seem like an OEM part of the brand, the images say it all


The end is coming, I am sad but happy, sad because I am running out of the project, but happy because it will go rolling



A redesign not very usual on the motorcycle but I had to do it, the dashboard with the modern touch in digital while retaining the classic style of the round instruments, the previous dashboard worked in its entirety but with the change of front tire that no longer had The way to install the speedometer guava forced to design the new dashboard, including a digital tachometer with a horometer, digital temperature meter of the #trailtech brand which brings the perfect temperature probe where the motorcycle brings the original, indicator lights Neutral and directional and a speedometer with digital display that is based on GPS signal for speed reading, odometer and heading. It took into account all the factors of easy installation and connection without making any changes especially in the electrical system where both panels connect directly without problems, all this accompanied by a new complete electrical branch manufactured in the company @indusel_indusel specialized in electrical systems for motorcycles with their original connectors eliminating any possibility of future failure.


Handlebar, controls, cluth, mirrors and brake, of the most important parts of the motorcycle, is the interface between motorcycle and human, transmitter of all sensations from scares to emotions could not be denied anything to this crucial part with handlebars #progrip, softcontact, handsaver #barkbustershandguards in carbon fiber with integrated directional in the same handsaver and aluminum core, modern mirrors #yamaha, Manubrio in fatbar #yamaha aluminum, brake pump #brembobrake out of a KTM690R that matches her Nipper same bike, steely line #raceline_co brakes, cables cluth and new accelerator and of course controls lights, turn signals, whistle and customized on simpler interface make this almost perfect connection between human and machine.


We are getting life…

The day expected to give life to the project arrived, the nerves of the first start and that the engine started were latent, new electric harness, charged battery, lights running and apparently the check list of all its components connected and tested one by one was ready, It was time to press the button, there was a start, the engine was spinning, the gasoline begins to reach the carburetors but ………… pitifully the first attempt did not turn on 🤔 check the spark plugs and there was no Spark and checking every detail I found a connector that sends the pulse of the stator that was not right, replace it with a new one and cross your fingers again and from then on everything was happiness, judge yourself,, thanks to @motobox_mde for mechanical advice and for lending the tool to balance the engine
Oil pressure Ok
Tenperatura Ok
Carburetor balancing Ok
Ok lights
Directional Ok
Stops ok
Sound ok

Before starting with the end part of fairings and paint, I had to first design some important accessories such as the side case supports, engine protector, radiator protector and upper suitcase support (these last two are the ones I owe) among others, although This motorcycle already has an original Carter protector, I wanted to design something more unique and robust with an improved support in 4 points and adapted to the contour of the curves of the exhosto, as for the suitcase supports designed and manufactured with the same quality that offers @ mastechmoto to support some new suitcases that will soon see them installed, here I leave the images for your opinion.


Chapter 5

The final touches…


After finishing almost all the functional part of the motorcycle, we continue with the aesthetic part. I removed all the paint from the tank to see what surprises I had and obviously some dents were found that were filled with putty, so the tank had to be opened to be able to take them out from the inside and with a good brasswork job everything was very good and ready to painting. The other parts of the fairing arrived new but I always had a great doubt in what was the final finish, whether classic (as was the motorcycle) original or rally type 🤔, in the end for some reasons that I will let you know later the classic style was decided as The original motorcycle.


Already in the final stretch of this project we have the experience of one of the best companies and with more experience in Colombia @pintuco_oficial, which have an exceptional laboratory with a unique qualified staff, this company produces high quality automotive paints and entrust them This work of art for its final finish. Giving it a white color with a blue pearl that is enhanced under indirect lights that gives a touch of its brand essence, many thanks


After receiving all parts of the motorcycle, install them without any problem to start shaping the final product, in @tresdeko a company specialized in vehicle decoration that uses the best materials for this and with a highly qualified staff They gave the task of giving the final details to be able to leave it not only for display but to enjoy it as fresh out of the dealership.


Finished …

Now you have to hold your breath and see the final bike …  Enjoy !!!!!!!

This project is THE PROJECT made with passion from Marco Antonio Saldarriaga at Mastech .

Credits : Marco Antonio Saldarriaga 

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