After many years in the field of fairings productions , we decided to go the extra mile with a big project .. It was the people’s demand to go with the Honda XL650V Transalp as everytime we did a project we got extremely many emails ” The Transalp 650 when ?? ”  , the time has come and the Transalp 650 got what he deserved …  a brand new look!

The search of a good mechanical XL650V Transalp was a challenge ,  we checked many many bikes which was like a brand new from factory but only outside and in our case the outer was not matter ! Finally we found a bike which looks like an abandoned bike but the engine was like NEW !! The previous customer used the bike daily for his work but he didnt mind the cocmetics (missing windshield – broken fairings etc ) .

We grab the opportunity and we buy it !! The first week we did a daily test on the bike so we can find what we had to remove and what we can keep (suspensions – and other parts of the bike like chain etc )

The bike performance was great ! It was time to start our work .


  • First steps , the easy one .First steps was to remove all the parts from the frame ,  we start with the fairings – engine guard .










  • All fairings are moved and now it was the time to remove the rear swing arm – brakes and several other parts for a nice black – red electrostatic coat











  • Back from the electrostatic coat ready to install them , a little bit weird with the blue tank but we have a lot of work to do ..








  • Time for the wheel rims now , also new spokes intalled (thicker than the stock to be safe for our offroad journeys)



















This was not easy , new spokets required extra work and we had to visit a specialist to complete the job for us . Wheel rims also coated by a specialist , fist he did a very very deep cleaning and the he double coated the rims . We had also some tyres on our shop for the first steps . The result was AMAZING ..

  • Next step was some new parts  , new brake discs – brake pads – chain – front and rear sprockets .








  • In the meantime we did some extra electrostatic coats …









  • Lets start working on the new parts now ..

For the project we had to design some parts and start working on them .

  •    Navigation tower
  •    Engine guard
  •    Chain guard
  •    Radiator inox grills
  •    New fairing
  •    New rear fender
  •   Rear soft luggage rack

Some of these parts had to made from scratch , we follow the steps (thanks to  new technologies are faster than ever now) and we firstly  3D scanned the bike .After that we had all the time to start drawing the parts on our computer .. Except the fairing , we did this in our way by hand as we do with all our projects .
















  • Final steps , painting and electrics ,new speedometer and some other bits

The bike is finally ready , this modification journey  took us more than 5 months with extremely many many work .Tests , fault parts ,fault designs and many prototypes .

Honda XL650V Transalp Rally