We received some nice pictures from our friend and customer Rene from Switzerland ,also his feedback :


Hello Dim, hope you and your loved ones are healthy and save. I did wirte a feedback for the the kit you sold me. I will send it via Messenger and hope you will post it. Or i can post it as a comment of the fotos, of my bike, that you postet.
To all interrested in the Lite Fairing Kit Gen2, by Perfect Fairings. First, I must say, I’m not a moto mechanic. I do however, have my own bussines in sheet metal production which gives me experience in handling tools. This was for sure helpful but it is not required to install this kit. I had a lot of doubts and questions before I even ordered the Lite Kit. I can not thank Dimitris enough for his patience in answering my emails quickly and always having some good advise. Since this was the first time, for me, to install this kind of kit, I was expecting major problems and therefore I warned my Superhero-mechanic-friend (everybody should have one) well in advance to help me if need be. Turns out my worries did not materialise. Of course there were some minor issues but I filed them under „Beginner‘s mistakes“. After installing the kit, I realised that the bike was much better to handle. Visability is great. Windprotection is great (although I did not look for that). Biggest plus is stability at higher speed! I know, it is an enduro bike, nobody rides really fast on a bike like this. But where I live, I always need to ride on highways to get to the good stuff. All in all, I must say buying the kit was the best decision ever made! Best service from Dimitris! And yes, I would recomend the kit and Perfect Fairings any time.
Cheers René”