Our best seller fairing kits for KTM 690 Enduro 2008 2018 are nearly 7 years on the market ,with great feedback and the most important no failures!!

During the years we have update these kits from scratch and we made them even better .

Why choosing this kit ? Let us explain why in few lines ..

-First of all we use OEM KTM windshield – headlight cover and also the clear protection for the headlights ,these parts was designed  for the KTM 450 Rally bike (yes the one which participate on the Dakar race) so there are no better thing than a great OEM product !

-The lights are MOTORCYCLE street legal lights ,made by Hella a top brand company .  Also the position light are OEM Hella not a simple noname light ..

-Headlights wiring harness are made from SmartMoto , a company which is well known and one of the top brands for electronics in EU .

-Side panels are made with the best materials to last long . Not just MATT glassfiber and polyester but woven roving fiberglass and ecological resins .

-Navigation tower is made also from a motorcycle spare parts company and not on a small workshop . With top quality materials and hard tested !


We can write many many things more but these are the most importand ,you are not buying a kit which is made from a single person but parts which are designed from serious companies with many many years in the fields …






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