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Yamaha XT600 34L 55W

REAR FENDER 1983 1985

YAMAHA XT600 34L 55W rear fender ,great and direct replacement part .Comes with closed tail light holes in order to fit any other tail light

  • will fit on YAMAHA XT600 34L 55W
  • Made with quality Fiberglass
  • Mixted polyester resins are used in order to get the maximum strength and the best weight
  • Very strong
  • Durable
  • Comes with closed the tail light holes in order to fit any after market tail light with no problems
  • UN DrilleD


notes :

YAMAHA XT600 34L 55W rear fender , strong and durable fairing . Please note that the parts comes unpainted in white gel coat color. Gel coat color is a polyester color and not a proffetional paint job .All parts require drilling , the best way to drill the fiberglass parts is to use an already used drilling tool and not a brand new .The brand new drilling tool may cause dents and cracks on the gel coat . We recomment to do all the steps before you paint the parts , matching the fairings on the motorcycle – drill the mounting points – fix any dents from drilling (if any) and then sand – prime and ready for paint job .

Fiberglass parts are easy on repairs , this is another great reason to use fiberglass parts instead of plastics . In case you need to repair any polyester-fiberglass product just sand the area you like to repair with a sand paper 80 -100 , remove the dust and you are ready to start the repair . Please note that its always better to ask the manufacturer of the product what kind of resins was used on the product

We ,in Perfect Fairings ,are using only ecological polyester resins , which are much stronger and much expensiver than the standard polyester resin . All the products we use are environmental friendly and with ISO certificates .

Feel free to contact us if you need further details , we will be more than happy to assist you .

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