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KTM EXC 2017 2023 Headstock bracket

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KTM EXC 2017 2023 models

Headstock bracket 


  • The best  product to start with your KTM EXC 2017 2023 Rally project .This is the first part you will need to start with .
  • CNC machined,billet aluminium part
  • Easy to install
  • No weld – drill or glue ,just mount it and use the stock mounting points of your bike
  • Comes with everything you need to install it .
  • No special tools required


This product design to fit on the frame of your KTM EXC 2017 2023 model with no special powers as requirements .Its really easy , well made and extremely strong . The main parts are CNC milled and the side panels are made of 2mm steel coated matte brack . The bracket kit allow the voltage regulator on its place .

KTM EXC 2017 2023 ,contain :

  1. Main Headstock bracket
  2. 2x Tabs
  3. 2x Side panels
  4. 2x M8 long screws
  5. 4x M6 short screws
  6. 4x M6 long screws
  7. 2x M10 screws
  8. 2x M10 nuts

While installation we recomment you to add some threadlocker  on all screws except the M10 and the M6 Long screws .


This product will give you the abillity to mount any of our navigation towers and make you EXC model a rally bike . All our rally towers are compatible

Before you install it take care and remove all the stock parts carefully from your machine , gently remove the headlight mask with always following the manufacturer instructions. Gently remoe the zip ties and loosen – remove the screws from voltage regulator in order to be able to add the side panels  of the headstock bracket . First install the side panels with the long M8 screws and then continue in the front with the main bracket-tabs . After installing the main headstock bracket secure it with the M10 screws , M6 long screws will also secure the bracket .  Pay attention to avoid any missalignment before you secure the strews .


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