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KTM 690 Enduro Lite Rally KIT 10L

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?Adventure riding must be as much comfort it can be , we can search and find the best comfort seats for you! This option is for a complete seat ready for your next adventure.
?Lower fender i,fiberglass made with white gel coat finish . Avaliable also on black gel coat finish .
?Lower fender Carbon Fiber with a great glossy finish.
?Maybe the most important part ,just remove the big and bulky plastic protection and add your new aluminium stylish protection on your radiator.
?Street legal LED lights ,made from Hella . These are motorcycle LED lights and not LED lights which can work on a motorcycle !
?This engine protection will protect the engine and also the corners of the fuel tanks ,same time will complete the look to a Dakar bike !
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This kit comes with 10L total fuel capacity without need an extra fuel pump as it works with gravity to feed the rear tank and from there straight to the bike .It comes with our hard tested and great navi tower ,made from Aluminium ,finished black color, which can hold your speedo and any kind of GPS or other equipment you need to add.
The lights are Hella brand ,street legal worldwide and its High – Low ,comes with their wiring harness and its already pre assembled on the tower.
The kit comes ready painted white ,optionally can be painted and add any grafix you like at an extra cost .

Analytic details of the kit:

We use the OEM KTM DAKAR RALLY windshield ,headlight mask and stone guard protector for the lights .These parts comes direct from KTM ,they are tested for over 4 Dakar rallies and on the hardest rally raid condition arround the world.

The navigation tower is made from aluminium and its a replica tower of the KTM 690 RFR 2007-2010 and KTM 450 RFR 2011-2015 .

Navi tower contain:

  • 1x (76212090040) ATTACHMENT FOR NAVI SUPP. L/S
  • 1x (76212090050) ATTACHMENT FOR NAVI SUPP. R/S
  • 2x (76214010010) FRONT MASK MOUNTING MANDREL
  • 1x (76214010033) HEADLIGHT ATTACHMENT
  • 3x (76212090015) BRACING NAVIGATION DEVICE
  • 1x (76212090060) OIL RADIATOR SUPPORT PLATE
  • 1x (76212090013) MOUNT. PLATE NAV. DEVICE RIGHT
  • 1x (76214010030) RETAINING PLATE FRONT MASK LE
  • 1x (76214010040) RETAINING PLATE FRONT MASK RI
  •  1x (76212090035) COVER FOR NAVIGATION SUPPORT
  • Instruments Support (Speedo – GPS Modana) Headstock bracket Screws – Rubbers

Our fuel tanks are made with Carbon Fiber ,multiple layers of mixed Carbon Fibers .Mixed Epoxy resins the best in the market and specially for fuel resist .Fuel tanks are reinforced inside with vinylester for extra protection on fuel resistance .
We use aluminium fillers , Acerbis fuel caps,KTM OEM rubber bashes,KTM OEM petcocks .
Fuel tanks comes painted white .Avaliable option to comes painted at any color you prefer (at an extra cost of 100 euro )
The design of our fuel tanks are made based on the OEM KTM Rally Dakar fuel tanks ,they have a direct fit which allow the stock exhaust and stock seat works perfectly .No need to cut anything from the bike frame in order to fit the tanks.

We choose to go with OEM lighting system ,as the Dakar bikes and also as many other Auto-Moto industies go .Hella lights Hi-Lo .Comes with plug and play hight quality wiring harness .
Lights details:

60mm High Beam Light

• Very versatile high beam lamp
• High performance in a compact design
• Exceptional performance and light distribution

• Voltage: 12V
• Beam Pattern: High Beam
• Light Source: HB3 / 9005 12V/65W Bulb (T3-1/4 12V/3W (W3W) Bulb)
• Power Consumption: 65W
• Housing Material: Plastic
• Optics: Lens
• Lens Material: Glass
• Connection: Bulb Plug
• Approval: (021) ECE/SAE (031) ECE

60mm Low beam light


• Very versatile low beam lamp
• High performance in a compact design
• Exceptional performance and light distribution

• Voltage: 12V
• Beam Pattern: Low Beam
• Light Source: HB3 / 9005 12V/65W Bulb
• Power Consumption: 65W
• Housing Material: Plastic
• Optics: Lens
• Lens Material: Glass
• Connection: Bulb Plug
• Approval: SAE (For Motorcycles only) / ECE

All our bracket systems are made in order to fit fast ,clean and without any special tool .Comes with detailed instructrions .No need to cut or weld anything on the bike frame .


The fuel hoses we include are high quality fuel hoses ,reinforced .Comes with connectors ,quick disconect couplings and fuel filter .The connection is simple .Both front tanks are linked with  T connector  and goes direct on the rear tank.On the connection with the rear tank we have an adapter included .Rear tank adapter goes between the fuel pump and the the tank .


All parts comes ready ,painted ,drilled,finished ,with all their rubbers,screws,nuts and anything else you need to install them fast and easy

Except of the kit we offer some extra parts at an extra cost which you can add :

1.Comfort seat :
Our seats are made from Carbon Kevlar seat pan , comfort foam , suede cover with rally pocket in the front

2.Lower fender :
Lower fenders we offer are replica fenders of the OEM KTM Dakar bike .2 options on the materials ,fiberglass and Carbon Fiber . Are very strong ,durable with perfect fitment on the KTM 690 Enduro 2008-2018.
Fiberglass fender comes gel coat white
Carbon Fiber is comming finished matte or glossy.
Both are Un drilled


3.Radiator grill protection:
The best way to protect your expensive radiator .CNC Laser cutted ,perfect design ,light weight .Direct replacement of the plastic protector .More air to radiator ,better protection !

4.Engine guard CF:
Protect your tanks and engine with this Carbon Fiber engine guard , wil also give a much better result  on your rally bike ! Comes with the needed brackets .







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