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The time has come … A must have kit for your mighty KTM 640 Adventure is a reality . Made with quality materials , with KTM 450 RFR first version windshield ,street legal lights and new side panels which keep the lines of the bike is a must for your 640 Adventure .


The kit comes ready to mount on your bike ,no extra parts will be needed . Its a real plug and play kit .

Whats in the box :


  • High quality side panels,
  • Pre Drilled for an easy and fast installation
  • OEM KTM Dakar windshield
  • OEM Headlights ,street legal, pair Hi Lo with LED parking light
  • Plug and Play wiring harness for lights ,high quality made following ISO rules
  • High quality Navigation tower with a lot of space inside for wiring harness ,wiring harness will stay inside the tower .Made of high quality aluminium
  • Side panels are white gel coat finish ,available also black after request!




A real bolt on kit , plug and play without any modification:

This kit is designed from scratch to allow even amatures to install it easy ,no modifications,extra work or any extra parts required in order to install it on your bike . Your bike can return on its stock condition anytime you wish!KTM 640 ADVENTURE

-Navigation tower comes pre assembled

-Headlights are installed on the tower

-Side panels are predrilled


Side panels are mounted exactly on the same points as the OEM fairing , you just remove the OEM fairing and use the mounting points on the fuel tank to install your new side panels



Great lines so the bike looks like a factory bike ,not a bike with a kit :


Our main goal when we start design a new kit is to be as “factory” can be ,to folow the correct lines and be a part of the bike not a part on the bike !

On this kit we follow the lines of the side panels ,we have the main design of the stock fairing and all the standard mounting points for an easy and fast installation .


KTM 640 ADVENTURE OEM parts,street legal lights :

Following the great success of our previous kits we decide to use the KTM OEM Dakar windshield ,KTM 450RFR 2015-2018. A windshield with great aerodynamics ,super strong and durable !  This windshield is also street legal CE approved as is a spare part from KTM  .

  • Street legal lights made by Hella the biggest headlights manufacturer. Hella lights choosen from automoto intustry a lot of years now ,street legal with bright lights which also you can upgrade by just changing the bulds inside and keep the high quality lens ! Comes with homologations papers .

Headlights comes with OEM position LED light from Hella .

Wiring harness is made by a top brand ,SmartMoto electronics ,following ISO and with OEM standards. It use high quality materials and plugs ,its plug and play and no need to do any modifications.








Navigation tower: 

The navigation tower we use is made of high qualiy aluminium ,with plenty of space inside to fix all your harness and also with easy access on it anytime!

Very strong and durable ,hard tested the last 7 years with over 1.000.000 Km in total from various riders and rally participants ,with great success on Africa Eco Race and on other FIM rallies arround the world.

Navigation tower use the standard mountings on the bike , easy job ! Remove the stock parts (fairing – lights – metal  support ) and add the new navigation tower on the stadard mounting point of the bike .No need to do any extra work .

Tower comes with supports for standard speedometer and tachometer (rpm clock) but  in case you like to use only the speedometer and a GPS we can swap the supports and make it work with Speedometer / GPS





60mm High Beam


Ideal for:
• Retrofit
• Motorcycles



• Flush

Single Lamp Includes:
• (1) Lamp
• (1) Halogen Bulb


60mm Low beam:

Ideal for:
• Motorcycles

  1. Features:
    • Very versatile low beam lamp
    • High performance in a compact design
    • Exceptional performance and light distribution
  2. Specifications:
    • Voltage: 12V
    • Beam Pattern: Low Beam
    • Light Source: HB3 / 9005 12V/65W Bulb
    • Power Consumption: 65W
    • Housing Material: Plastic
    • Optics: Lens
    • Lens Material: Glass
    • Connection: Bulb Plug
    • Approval: SAE (For Motorcycles only) / ECE

• Flush

Single Lamp Includes:
• (1) Lamp
• (1) Halogen Bulb

This is a complete  kit and you will not need extra parts to install it on your bike .

-Navigation Tower

-KTM Windshield – stone guard and headlight mask

-Hella Motorcycle headlights Hi-Lo

-Hella position light LED

-Plug and play headlight harness

– Side panels

Please note that the kit require production time after order ,even if we have a big stock we need a minimum of 7 working days to ship .

We can offer a complete stickers kit ,ask us





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