Harley Davidson FXRT Fairing + Fairing Bracket 1,021.90 (in.VAT)
Cagiva Elefant Front fender with fork protectors one piece Fiberglass 137.50 (in.VAT)

Harley Davidson FXRT Fairing + Fairing Bracket + Lower fairings

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1,309.00 (in.VAT)


This product was designed to be a replica/aftermarket replacement FXRT Fairing and lowers kit

  • Easily fit all Dyna models with small mods (cuts on the inner of the fairing at the forks area)
  • Gel Coat white finish ,after request we can make also other Gel Coat colors
  • Require finish work and drilling
  • Very strong and durable fairing,no cheap fiberglass work
  • Includes Fairing Bracket kit ,high quality and black coat finished
  • Fairing is made of high quality woven roving fiberglass (NOT JUST GLASS FIBER)
  • High quality eco polyester resins
  • White gel coat finish
  • Dyna FXRT lower fairings
    • Very strong
    • Very durable
    • Made with woven roving fiberglass and are great looking inside area
    • Low weight
    • Made with high quality polyester resins
    • UN drilled


This fairing is a perfect fairing and lowers to work on for your next Dyna project ,give style on your ride !





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