Proud sponsors of SPFiFTYONE racing Team
Posted on November 24, 2014

We are glad to announce our big sponsorship for the forhcoming Rally Dakr 2015 .Perfect Fairings will be proud sponsor for a legend and his team.

Simon Pavey and his Racing Team!

Few words about Simon.

Simon Pavey has been come a household name when mentioning Dakar Rally and Adventure riding. Widely known for his part in the successful documentary show Race to Dakar with travel show personality Charley Boorman and as the force behind the wildly popular BMW Off Road Skills, Simon has one of the most impressive Dakar records in both the UK and his native Australia. Seven finishes from nine starts doesn’t happen by accident and in Simon’s case it has come purely through intelligence, composure and determination, skills that have pulled him out of situations that would have seen most people on a plane back home.

“This will be Dakar number 10, but one of my most exciting yet as Llel and I will finally get to go together”

The ex-pat Aussie, 5 time Dakar Rallye finisher, head of the acclaimed BMW Off Road Skills Training and one of the stars of TV show Race to Dakar with Charlie Boorman.

Over the years Simon has been involved deeply in The offroad scene for many years and over time has been a serious contributor to TBM magazine and Bike magazine. 

Simon has started a total of 7 Dakars and only bad luck has ever stopped his finishing! Renowned for be able to get any old shed of a bike to the finish, he has shown that on a half decent bike he is also rather fast!

Finishing 1st and then 2nd in production 450cc class in the UAE Challenge in 06 and 08 and 10/13th outright respectively there is no doubting that Simon can be fast as well as persistent.



Thank you Simon !


Perfect Fairings Team

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