About us
Thanks for your interest in ' Pefect Fairings '.

Perfect Fairings are in business since 1996.Our job is to provide high quality fairing solutions for our customers. Our long year experience in the world of racing fairings show us the secrets to have the best racing fairings ready for your bike.Our mission is to provide the best moto racing fairings made by the highest quality materials such as carbon fiber,kevlar fiber and fiberglass.

Perfect Fairings is the leader in fiberglass fairings in Grecce.
We construct racing fairings for almost popular racers in Greece and we have a lot of customers in all over the world. Our fairings are the best choice for your track bike, They are very strong, very flexible and of light weight.We use carbon kevlar in holes - edges to make them stronger than the simple fairings. Just try our fairings and you will see the difference!

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